Terms & Conditions

Service Pricing

▪ All prices exclude GST
▪ Prices listed in a brochure and given via the phone are indicative only and subject to
change without notice.
▪ Prices stated are only for services completed within ‘service hours’ . These hours are
8am – 6pm Monday to Friday - not including Public Holidays.
▪ Quotes are only definite if the item has been sited first.
▪ Quotations are valid for 30 days only.
▪ A minimum assembly charge of $80.00 + GST applies to any one location/client.
▪ In the event of any of the following we retain the right to recoup part or all of the cost of
1. your goods are not ready when we go to collect them,
2. your goods cannot be collected as the suppliers terms of payment have not been satisfied.
3. we are given the wrong items by the supplier,
4. we are sent to the wrong location
5. we are sent out/of hours to the collection location

▪ Faulty kits (missing parts etc) we retain the right to charge part of the full fee for the partial assembly then repacking of the kit for return to the manufacturer/supplier.
▪ Assembly prices quoted are for servicing Adelaide Metro Area only (within 20kms of
CBD). Assembly services outside this area will incur a surcharge and require prior
arrangement. Delivery services already include a fee for distances exceeding 20km from
Adelaide CBD centre.
▪ Services outside the stated ‘service hours’ (8am – 6pm Monday to Friday - not including
Public Holidays) will incur a surcharge.
▪ If the delivery assembly site is difficult to access (multiple flights of stairs, small
doorways, no parking within an acceptable radius) a surcharge for increased labor
requirements will apply.
▪ Cancellations must be confirmed at least 24 hours prior to the schedualed appointment
time or a surcharge will apply.
▪ Unpaid invoices will incur recovery costs.

Payment for Services rendered

Payment shall be made in full at the time of completion of work. Payment is to be made in Australian Dollars legal tender. Acceptable monitary forms include: direct debit transfer (preferred), Credit/ Debit Card ( Surcharge applies) cash & company cheque.

Service Expenses

Assembly Plus reserves the right to recoup any unforeseen expenses incurred. Expenses may include but re not exclusive to the following:
▪ Restricted access – including stairs
▪ Parking fees
▪ Unforeseen delays and changes to delivery items, times and locations.
▪ Removal and disposal of packaging material
▪ Hire of specialized equipment to assemble or deliver.

Service Continuity

We make every attempt to minimize any mess that may result from assembly and furniture services. However are not liable if any extra cleaning is required.
We do not accept any responsibility in the event that we are given the wrong items by the supplier/manufacturer to deliver.
We ask that the client be contactable (unless prior arrangements have been made) on the day(s) the service is scheduled to be carried out. If we encounter problems and are unable to contact the client the service will automatically be re-scheduled at our earliest convenience.
Should we be affected by external factors beyond our control (such as flat tyres) that prevent us from keeping an appointment, we promise to make every effort to meet agreed appointment times and dates but do not accept any perceived cost to the client due to a delay or inability to provide the service.
It is assumed that the client accepts the cost of power usage required to operate tools for this service.

Furniture/Product Warranty

▪ We do not accept any liability if the product/furniture/equipment is faulty.
▪ Assembly Plus is not responsible for the quality and packaging of furniture. Any marks,
scratches, uneven finishes or missing components are the responsibility of the retailer
▪ We do not accept any liability if the furniture etc is damaged during unloading or
assembly due to the site(s) not being protected from the elements.

Occupational Health and Safety

Assembly Plus supports safe work practices and environments for our staff. We retain the right the refuse to complete some or all of the services requested by the client in the event that: lighting, temperature, sound level and safety requirements cannot be achieved/met.